Expired Vouchers:

Please pay attention to the expiry dates on the vouchers. Vouchers DO expire.

Due to covid any vouchers that expire in 2020 forward will be accepted until further notice.

Please treat your vouchers as cash as they cannot be exchanged or replaced.

There have been a number of vouchers stolen recently. Mostly from Tallaisim bags left in Shuls. Please treat your vouchers like cash and secure them accordingly. Although we can try and notify Tzedakas of these thefts, chances are very slim the perpetrators would be caught. We cannot assume any responsibility for these thefts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay question?
A: You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card. There is a discount if paying by Cash or Cheque. 

Q: How many vouchers come in a book? 
A: At the moment, each book has 50 vouchers and cannot be split up. The $5, $10 and $18 books also come in books of 20 vouchers. 

Q: What about the current charities? 
A: We have specifically set up our charity in a way that has the least impact on the regular charities of the city. We cannot issue funds to Meshulachim directly, only to the charities themselves. 

Q: Who can redeem the vouchers? 
A: Only institutions that have the status of a Canadian Registered Charity can redeem vouchers by us (e.g. Tzedakas, Schools, Shuls, etc.). 

Q: Who can we give the vouchers out to? 
A: Vouchers can be given in any situation where you would normally get a 100% tax receipt for the Tzedaka you are giving. 

Q: What is the "Book Value"? 
A: The actual dollar value of the voucher book. 

Q: What is the "Book Cost"? 
A: It is a discounted price of the "Book Cost" if you are paying by cheque or cash. 

Q: What amount do I get the tax receipt for? 
A: You get a tax receipt for the full amount of your payment. 

Q: Are you a registered charity? 
A: Yes, we are a registered charity and we can issue charity receipts. 

Q: What happens if I lose my vouchers? 
A: Vouchers are like cash and cannot be replaced. If the voucher is unredeemed by the expiry date it may be utilized by Zichron Binyomin for either administration or given to charity.

Q: Is there any expiry date on the vouchers? 
A: Every voucher has an expiry date of between 2-3 years from when it was printed. Any unredeemed vouchers may be utilized by Zichron Binyomin for either administration or given to charity.