Expired Vouchers:

Please pay attention to the expiry dates on the vouchers. Vouchers DO expire.

Due to covid any vouchers that expire in 2020 forward will be accepted until further notice.

Please treat your vouchers as cash as they cannot be exchanged or replaced.

There have been a number of vouchers stolen recently. Mostly from Tallaisim bags left in Shuls. Please treat your vouchers like cash and secure them accordingly. Although we can try and notify Tzedakas of these thefts, chances are very slim the perpetrators would be caught. We cannot assume any responsibility for these thefts.

There are two ways you can apply:
You can use our online form; this will aid you in calculating the total price, and will allow us to begin processing your order while we wait for your donation to arrive. You can also immediately order online with your credit card.
You can also print out the application form yourself and send it in along with your donation.