Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Zichron Binyomin accepts payment via Cheque, E-Transfer, PayPal, and Credit card (Via the PayPal server but no PayPal account is needed).

We also accept payment from My Charity Fund. When using MCF to pay for ZBCF; funds need to be transferred manually (it is not transferred automatically) and please mark down that you are paying with a Foundation.

Q: How many vouchers come in a book?
A: Most books from 50 Cent denomination to the $100 denomination come as a 50 voucher book. The $5, $10, and $18 books come in a 20 voucher booklet also. The $180 and $250 denomination only come in books of 30. Voucher books cannot be split up.
Q: What is the “Book Value”?
A: The ‘Book Value’ is the actual amount of money that will be able to be distributed.
Q: What is the “Credit Cost and Cash/Chq Cost”?
A: The ‘Credit Cost and Cash/Chq Cost’ is the amount that you pay to us.

The credit cost has all the fee’s including the book price and any credit card fees. We offer a discounted price when you are paying with cheque or etransfer.

Q: Will I get a full tax receipt?
A: Zichron Binyomin gives 100% tax receipt for whatever monies are paid to us.
Q: Is there any expiry date on the vouchers?
A: Yes, Every voucher has an expiration date on it. There will be approximately 2 years from when it was printed.
Q: What happens if I don’t use my vouchers by the expiration date?
A: Any unredeemed vouchers may be utilized by Zichron Binyomin for either administration or charitable purposes. Before a batch of vouchers expire an email blast will be sent out. If you still need further assistance, Please contact us via email to discuss your situation.
Q: Where can I use the Zichron Binyomin vouchers?
A: Zichron Binyomin is set up to be able to redeem to any Canadian Registered Charity.
Q: Who can redeem the Zichron Binyomin vouchers?
A: Any Canadian Registered Charity or organization that falls under the University Act.
Q: Can I give Zichron Binyomin vouchers to Mishulachim or individuals collecting for themselves?
A: Yes, Zichron Binyomin can be distributed to any individual that is collecting granted they are working with a Registered Canadian Charity.

Zichron Binyomin cannot redeem vouchers to Mishulachim or individuals directly.

Q: Is Zichron Binyomin a registered charity?
A: Yes, Zichron Binyomin Registered Charity number is 747492122 RR0001
Q: What happens if I lost my voucher or voucher book(s)?
A: Vouchers are like cash and unfortunately, cannot be replaced.